Our certifications


All our products undergo several analysis and strict controls to ensure the highest quality.

This is why the entire line boasts the most important industry certifications.


Vegan Ok

VeganOk is the first Italian ethical certification for vegan products. All staff members are vegans who care about spreading this ethical choice.

Over the past few decades, their work has been characterized by their deep knowledge of every aspect of the Vegan choice and everything related to respect for life of all living things.

VeganOK is the most popular ethical standard in Italy with approximately 500 certified companies and services. You can find VeganOK at the most important and leading trade fairs about nature. VeganOK guarantees the absence of parts of animal origin in all kinds of products.



NATRUE is an international nonprofit association based in Brussels committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. Founded in 2007, it provides a home to all true friends of natural and organic cosmetics and embraces all who commit to high standards of quality and integrity.

When the NATRUE label appears on a product, you can be sure that this product was subject to a reliable and strict certification process carried out by independent and accredited certification bodies.



CCPB operates as an inspection and certification body for agrifood and “no food” products obtained in organic production and eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable production.


Nikel Tested

Nickel Tested guarantees, in the certified product, a presence of nickel less than 0.00001%, which is the dermatological limit allowed. For consumers allergic to heavy metals, the product is therefore tolerable even in case of contact with very sensitive skin.