Our philosophy

For us, creating a new line represents an exercise of imagination, which leads us to see you using our products, immersed in a sensation of wellness and wrapped in an idea hug we instill in every new formulation.

When we hypothesized the new organic line, which is in your hands now, our first thought was to give you, once again, the best of our company. Our aim was to add a new image of that hug, which blends with Nature’s one, sealing that relationship that links Nature to our cosmetics and that has always been the main identity of our brand, Physio Natura.

Our debut in the world of Organic cosmetics saw us committed in a unique and refined selection of extracts that can give birth to so many unique products, with precious rarity and able to take care of your body. From this Declaration of Intent, the new Physio Natura BIO line was born, formulated on the basis  of 5 organic extracts: Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita), Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas), Currant (Ribes  Nigrum), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) and Ginseng (Panax Ginseng).

Our commitment in respecting Nature and your body was translated not only in this line, which confirms the aim we set at the beginning of our adventure, but renews itself with a new one, corresponding to a further tribute we offer to Nature and to your Beauty.

Our constant research of the perfect formulation, which summarizes Nature’s gifts in an Elisir of Beauty, founds its answer in the number symbolizing research, discover, number 7.

Seven are the oils composing our new gift to Nature and to Body care: the Seven Oils of Wonders:  Pomegranate, Primula, Pumpkin, Olive, Linen, Cotton and Grapes. They give birth to three different scent, and each one of them is characterized by two oils of the seven, everything in a searched and desired harmony. It gives you not only a new line of product, but also a new concept of organic cosmetic product, in which our true passion and the use of natural extracts blend with the willing of giving to your body and spirit true Wellness.

Our Products

Physio Natura Bio family consists of two main lines, one for professional use and one for personal use

All our products have the major industry certifications

Certificato Vegan OkCertificato Cosmetici BiologiciCertificato NatrueNickel Tested

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